French Pure Linen- wet spinning technique

French Pure Linen- wet spinning technique

You may remember I once stated that the secrete of our French pure linen lies on weaving process, a wet spinning technique with accurate control of humidity and temperature.

This operation constantly pulls and elongates the ribbon-like linen until it is given its final twist for strength and wound on the bobbin. While linen is a strong fiber, it is rather inelastic. Thus, the atmosphere within the spinning factory must be both humid and warm in order to render the fiber easier to work into yarn. In this hot, humid factory the linen is wet spun in which the roving is run through a hot water bath in order to bind the fibers together thus creating a fine yarn.

Whoever was really responsible for the development of this new process for the wet spinning of flax it was James Kay(1774-1857) who was responsible for it being generally accepted by the trade and it was a definite turning point as it provided the means to spin, in quantity, very much finer, and more even and regular yarns. He found that flax could be drawn by steam powered spinning machines into a fine yarn ready for weaving if it was first soaked in hot water , in quantity, very much finer, and more even and regular yarns.

Next time, I will show you my one of my pet projects- a pure linen quilted bedcover, or you may call it pure linen coverlet.

Frank@ Macey & Moore
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