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Defining Passion, Quality & Natural Lifestyle with Luxury Bedding and Bed Covers

We’re a trusted online supplier of pure linen bed covers, linen bean bags, linen pinafore aprons, coverlets and more.

Macey & Moore, a trusted name in the pure linen market has been committed to providing only the highest quality of exceptional products that range from cotton bedding and sheet sets, bed and duvet covers, bedspreads, comforters, quilt covers, coverlets and other pure linen essentials.

We offer luxury bedding that uses genuine heavyweight pure linen with new designs that are suited for a range of themes and requirements. We are dedicated in providing beautiful and natural bed covers that can deliver the most relaxing and comforting sleep experience for all our clients.

Choose from our pure linen collection and you will realise that Macey & Moore differs from other French linen merchants within the Sutherland and Sydney area.

Our luxury bedding essentials, bed covers, linen bean bags, pinafore aprons and coverlets are available online and to clients in Kirrawee, Sutherland & Sydney Australia.

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What is new this Winter?

We Provide Luxury Bedding, Pinafore Aprons, Cotton Bedspreads and Bed Covers

Macey & Moore provides you with luxury bedding from its collection of finest pure linen bed covers and bedspreads to keep you warm and comfortable even on cold nights. Furthermore, we offer a range of pure linen products that can add beauty to your space especially during the winter season.

Come and explore the rustic beauty of our genuine heavy weight linen luxury bedding. Our selection of linen pinafore aprons and scarves boast premium quality and styling with its range of colours, including Blush Pink, Duck Egg Blue & Natural Flax.

Our pure linen products also include charcoal stonewash coverlet, cotton bedspreads, Nordic linen bean bag collective series and much more!

We are based in the Kirrawee, Sutherland and Sydney area. For all your luxury bedding and pure linen needs, check out Macey & Moore’s online store.

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