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A Low Carbon Lifestyle Soft-furnishing & Home of Genuine Heavy Weight Pure French Linen Sheet

Welcome to Macey & Moore, meet Connie, designer and founder of Macey & Moore.

This story started from her humble hobby for home textile made of natural fibre. She once obtained a vintage French pure linen bedding sheet which had passed from the previous generation. She was so obsessed by its feel & its rustic beauty that she looked around Australia market but she felt frustrated that most of them looked and felt so similar and ordinary, none of them had that rustic beauty she was after.

Later on, she found out most of them used industry-scale-ready-made fabrics with weight ranging from 150GSM to 175GSM. She made up her mind to customise weaving fabric to regain the rustic beauty from that vintage French pure linen. Using the best pure linen fibre from Normandy, France, the rustic beauty from French vintage linen is regained with this genuine heavy weight pure linen fabric which weights 200- 220GSM. It has home-spun charming character, rustic, heavy, a bit thicker yet soft.

Marked by a signature use of Genuine Heavy Weight Pure Linen and a sincere commitment to the highest quality, Macey & Moore gradually gained a devoted following and established itself as a trust name in pure linen market. Thus, tackling new design challenges and utilising our own manufacturing facility to keep one step ahead, the collections grew - encompassing the best ideas from pure linen essentials, cotton bedspread to soft-furnishing, home deco interior, and hand-woven ramie. Now a decade on, Macey & Moore continues to evolve, with pure linen at the heart of creation, it has refined what it stands for- Passion, Quality & Natural Lifestyle.

If you are an interior designer, we love you to apply our versatile bedspread or rustic pure linen bedding in your projects; 

If you are a boutique hotel owner or an AirBnB host, why not add a vintage touch with our Baroque series;

If you want us to do ODM- Original Design Manufacturing for your brand, we look forward to working with you

If you would like to join our Affiliate Program, we will support you.

If you are a counterpart in home décor industry, you are welcome to use our pure linen product range for Staging & Professional Photography, a good turn deserves another.

THANK YOU for all of support of those natural fabrics in a way to achieve less carbon footprint.

Please visit us to touch and feel our products at our showroom Unit 4/ 48 Waratah Street, Kirrawee NSW 2232.

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