FAQ for Macey & Moore Bedspread / Coverlet

Why Macey & Moore bedspread/coverlet is trendy and versatile?

Having been leading home textile supplier with in-house design team, we have seen a trend that bedspread/coverlet playing more important role in soft-furnishing, that is, a well designed bedspread/coverlet can change your room instantly into a seaside escape, a French country cottage or an exotic retreat. We endeavour to bring new designs to accommodate home décor trend.


What does bedspread/coverlet do in terms of soft-furnishing?

Bedspread/coverlet can change room instantly, a well designed bedspread/coverlet will match room décor co-ordinating with flooring, wallpaper, curtain etc. and change your room instantly. Four-season use with generous size, Macey & Moore exquisite bedspread/coverlet is definitely a treat for your love one and yourself.


Is bedspread/coverlet four-season use in Australia?

Say good bye to over-sized, over-heavy and old style bedspread, Macey & Moore bedspread/coverlet is designed to be used for four seasons in Australia, you may snug into it to meet your comfort needs with its softness and decent weight. Or simply layer it on a quilt in winter to add extra warmth.


FAQ for Macey & Moore Heavy Weight Pure French Linen Bedding Collections

Where is the best linen fibre from?

France and Belgium are considered the best climate for growing the linen flax plant. Macey & Moore pure French Linen is crafted from linen flax grown and harvested in Normandy.


Why Macey & Moore insists customised-weaving Genuine Heavy Weight Linen?

The story started from founder-Connie’s humble hobby for home textile made of natural fibre. She once obtained a vintage French pure linen bedding sheet which had passed from the previous generation. She was so obsessed by its feel & its rustic beauty that she looked around Australia market but she felt frustrated that most of them looked and felt so similar and ordinary, none of them had that rustic beauty she was after.

Later on, she found out most of them used industry-scale-ready-made fabrics with weight ranging from 150GSM to 175GSM. She made up her mind to customise weaving fabric to regain the rustic beauty from that vintage French pure linen. After numerous failures, she made it, using the best pure linen fibre from Normandy, France, the rustic beauty from French vintage linen is regained with this genuine heavy weight pure linen fabric which weights 200- 220GSM. It has home-spun charming character, rustic, heavy, a bit thicker yet soft.        


What differentiate Macey & Moore pure French linen from the others?

Genuine Heavy Weight pure French linen is hard to find, our customised woven fabric with 210GSM is heavier than other ready-made linen fabric with 150-165GSM. Its rustic beauty has a charming home-spun character. Under “wet spinning” technique, with precise temperature and humidity control at our own weaving mills, linen fabric really comes to life from carefully processed linen yarn.


Why we don’t talk about thread count about linen?

The thread count is not an indication of quality for linen as the linen fibre has different character from cotton bols. A good linen fabric was born from the best origin of flax, precisely control in weaving mill and delicate stonewashed technique.


What are benefits of linen


Highly breathable & high moisture absorbency

Linen is 30% stronger than cotton

Environmentally friendly- less water and chemicals to cultivate


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