Woven Tapestry Picnic Rug Beach Blanket- Geometry Chic

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Woven Tapestry Picnic Rug Beach Blanket

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Autumn is here, let us embrace the crisper, cooler days and nestle into the comfort of home.  How do we make a home retreat, turn off your mobile, plan a good meal, and elevate your home interior with this versatile woven tapestry throw rug.

Or let us pack this tapestry picnic rug and find a tranquil spot to sit, chat and soak up lovely views of nearby scenic lookout with your special someone

Simply use you imagination to creatively use this versatile throw rug.

  • Light weight with vivid woven pattern
  • Versatile for Picnic Rug
  • Versatile for Beach Rug
  • Versatile for Bed End Throw
  • Versatile for Lounge Cover
  • Versatile for Floor Rug
  • Versatile for Wall Tapestry 
  • Size: 130 x 160CM
  • Fabric: cotton and recycled polyester blending, note recycled polyester made from plastic bottles to minimise waste landfill
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