Up Cycling Worldwide Coffee Bean Bag Rustic Cushion 60cm Square- Indonesia

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Up Cycling Worldwide Coffee Bean Bag Rustic Cushion - Indonesia

Hello my fellow upcyclers, I am Connie from Macey & Moore, what's the best way NOT to let used fabric ending up in landfill…

Ah-ha, my fellow interior designers, do you dare to hand-pick one for your project? Here we go,

Guatemala, Rwanda, Indonesia, Brazil... Up Cycling Exotic Coffee Bean Bag Rustic Cushion

  • Coffee Bean Bag Origins vary
  • Coffee Bean Bag pre-washed once
  • Final cushion covers washed again
  • Double-wash to get rid of smells, stains
  • Retain essential origin of coffee bean
  • Impressive faded-effect
  • Rustic beauty
  • One of a kind in market
  • Cushion with premium plush feather filled
  • Sizes 60x60cm 

Limited Stock, quantity of each order is subjected to our allocation. Big quantity for project use is welcome to back-order.

If you are a café owner, you may get one for FREE…please drop us an email to find out how…


Please be noted, if you can not tolerate up-cycling fabric, please leave this collection alone, we may not be able to fulfil your taste and serve you properly.

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