Pure linen bedding set & bedspread with Rockpool setting

Pure linen bedding set & bedspread with Rockpool setting

Sydney’s coastline is dotted with rockpools and ocean baths, most of them cut straight out of the rocky headlands on which they sit. some were built by convicts. I should learn more about the history of my favourite rockpool- Malabar rockpool. I have not been photographing rockpools with pure French linen bedding and bedspread. I always wondered why no one from manchester counterparts had ever done that before is it a hard work? One of the challenges is being in the right place to shoot when the light, tide, swell and weather are just right. And what about my pure linen setting? What bedspread should I use to highlight this rockpool setting? Just did a survey around Malabar pool as attached photo, would you like to see what is outcome with my pure linen bedding and bedspread fitting in this environment? Myself will find out soon, tomorrow morning 7AM I will be there, to be continued………………………
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