My pick for a warm winter-a boho chic coverlet

My pick for a warm winter-a boho chic coverlet

Sydney July is in for a scorching weekend again by seasonal standards. Winter, where are you now?

From a business view of point, in July, wool doona sales would outperform coverlets sale while cooler nights creeping in. But I don't think so this July due to warm winter. Coverlet is a four-season bedding product, it is perfect for this warm winter, lighter than a heavy doona, reverse side doubles its use. My pick for a warm winter tonight? How about a pure heavy weight French flat sheet plus a boho-chic style Moroccan red

“This gorgeous bedding features five textually rich strips of fabrics inspired by Morocco textile, exquisitely made with patchwork quilting craftsmanship and excellent exercise in balancing colour tones, completes its striking look with light burgundy fabric on a reverse side.”

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