Meet French pure linen in blush pink

Meet French pure linen in blush pink

Here maybe a clue how to I pick new blush pink

The experts at Pantone announced the annual Color of the Year and—big surprise—it’s not one, but a combination of two shades, for the first time ever. Indeed, the color authority chose the combo of soft blue Serenity and the blush pink.  

“With our hectic lives and the frenzy around us, there is an increasing demand for tranquility,” says Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone Color Institute’s executive director. That's just what these hues deliver: Blush Pink evokes a sunset, budding flower, or flushed cheek, while Serenity conjures an expanse of bleached blue sky.

 “Wearing both of these hues at once is like returning to the weightlessness of your youth,” says Eiseman. “The combination of a cool and a warm color brings a sense of balance.”

Well, meet blush pink French pure linen, how about a blush pink pure linen quilt cover over a ducky egg blue flat sheet and fitting sheet. Ask me if I also have blush pink coverlet, yes, on the way…see you soon at Melbourne Trade Show

With thanks,

Connie at Macey & Moore

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