How Frank made “PaperTalk” bean bag

How Frank made “PaperTalk” bean bag

Surprise your guest with this “brown paper” bean bag , ask them if they dare to sit on it! Frank worked for Boral building material division for years, he knew Tyvek wall wrap quite well, it is a compulsory component for Hebel, a CSR light-weight-concrete panel. Tyvek is made by Dupont, it is breathable, no harm to human, strong and paper alike, he came up with an idea using this industry fabric for home textile application. A paper-alike bean bag comes, Frank chooses two colour, brown and cream. As to its durability, my four years old son Eric dumps on it, beats it, drags it in and out, you  name it, paper bean bag survives, Frank thinks it passed QC testing LOL. My next blog will be talking about coverlet used for soft-furnishing, don't forget to send me your ideas, with thanks. 

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