Hello Melbourne

Hello Melbourne

Hello Melbourne, a chilly, rainy night, here I come. Same city, same trade show, but I know people within giftware/homeware industry in and out, I can not help wonder how independent retailers brace competition from big chains.

It is not a far cry that independent brick and mortar retailers are coping slow spending though property price skyrockets.

While many customers may still prefer the vibe of their favourite local retailer or simply want to support local independent business, local retailer may need to rethink how they differentiate themselves now that big train is encroaching on their turf.

If memory serves me right, one big chain in manchester business got IPO one years, its goal is opening 15-18 stores Australia wide in 3 years. You may see its financial report to see how it affects local retailers.

Well I will be seeing many clients and counterparts in a day or so, and hoping their businesses thrive. Again, my pick tonight is a slate green coverlet bedspread with pure French pure linen throw at the end of bed.

With thanks,
Connie @ Macey & Moore- a pure French linen merchant

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