As seen on The Store

As seen on The Store

The Store by Fairfax, a one-stop shop dedicated to supporting and promoting Australian independent makers, from artists to candlemakers, ceramicists to clothing designers. It’s an ever-evolving marketplace that brings together objects of desire chosen by our network of curators, each an expert in their chosen field, be it design advocate David Clark, art consultant Alex McCulloch or fashion stylist Inez Garcia. They all bring a singular vision to The Store – to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with you.

Our artisan French linen pinafore is hand-picked by The Store curator, is designed to embrace the sustainable way of life. Slip it on when you’re working at a pottery workshop, crafting a patchwork quilt, or pottering in the garden. This rustic pinafore is handmade from our unique pure French linen and will never go out of style.

As seen on The Store, coverlet, bedspread, and Nordic beanbag and more are also showcased on The Store by Fairfax.

With thanks,
Connie @ Macey & Moore- a pure linen merchant

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