Swiss Army Wool Rug- Schweizer Armee Wolldecke


Swiss Army Rug- Schweizer Armee Wolldecke

In addition to a variety of decorative purposes, Swiss army blanket (Schweizer Armee Wolldecke) is absolutely awaking a nostalgic mountain romance, the rug ideally suits all occasions i.e. picnic on a country trip, or simply snugging for an escape from concret forest.

This woolen blanket with the Swiss Army design is a vintage version of 1968.
100% Pure Wool
Right leather stripe is included.

Authentic Swiss design
Rug: 200 x 150 cm   1.85KG
Good heat property
100% Robust new wool
Right leather stripe is included.
Washable at 30 ° C or Dry Clean

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