'Be cheerful, Enjoy your life' mosaic Towel-Happy Skeleton discovered in Turkey

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The ancient city of Antioch was established by Seleucus I Nicator, one of Alexander the Great's generals, in the fourth century B.C. It is known to be the first place where the followers of Jesus were referred to as Christians. Hatay is well known for its Roman-era mosaics dating back to the second and third centuries B.C.

A unique 2,400 year old Roman mosaic discovered during excavations in Turkey's southern Hatay province, showing a skeleton lying down with a wine pitcher and loaf of bread alongside Ancient Greek text that reads: “Be cheerful, enjoy your life”.

The mosaic is once thought to have belonged in the dining room of an upper class home.

Inspired by this artefact from the ancient Greek-Roman city of Antioch, Macey & Moore teams with REVERIE LAB bring you this hard-to-find towel which vividly recapture this unique mosaic.

Size: 140 x 70
Package: gift box packed

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