Authentic Oriental Genuine 100% Silk Rug Hand-loomd Hand-knotted

Colour: Multiple

Authentic Oriental Genuine 100% Silk Rug Hand-loomd Hand-knotted

Hi, my name is Connie, a maker and founder for Macey & Moore, a recent Asia trip brought me to a small village town. For over a century, a hand-loomed hand knotted Silk rugs have been exported to boutique stores around the world.

The urbanisation and industrialization changed the lifestyle, the artisan silk rug craftswomen are all at their 55+, not capable to compete with machine-loomed rug, and fewer younger generation is not interested learning how to produce traditional silk rug.

Probably in the era of globalization, the heritage and handicraft traditions are losing their places in society while the industrial products flourish.

Though I managed to obtain a few silk rugs, I still felt a bit sad that the skill of making this exquisite silk rug inevitably faces fading away…….

  • 100% Genuine Silk
  • Hand-loomed, Hand-knotted
  • High density with astonishingly soft touch
  • Size: 61 x 91CM

Did you know silk rug is with far more amazing density than traditional woolen rug, this is a rare opportunity to have this masterpiece.

Delivery time: 4 weeks after placing an order

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