Afro-Chic Bolga Elephant Grass Straw Fan from Ghana- Z


Afro-Chic Bolga Elephant Grass Straw Fan from Ghana

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Africa, the large, diverse continent has given us great ideas for interior projects.

Hi, I am Connie, a maker and founder for Macey & Moore, I think Australian people are seeking more low carbon print elements in their space as a way to retain a connection with nature.

Let’s explore more ways to incorporate African accents of an effortlessly natural style.

Here we give you Bolgatanga Staw Fans, hang them en masse as wall art, go bold and textured.


  • handwoven in Bolgatanga, Ghana
  • Every fan is unique
  • Made from Elephant Grass
  • leather handle
  • 44cm x 28cm

If you like the texture of background fabric, it is our Versailles Heavy Weight Pure Linen Throw

Thanks all for supporting handcraft women from villages in Bolgatanga, Ghana!

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