Heavy Weight Pure French Linen Fitted Sheet 50cm Wall - White

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Heavy Weight Pure French Linen Fitted Sheet - White

Marked by signature use of genuine heavy weight pure linen and a sincere commitment to the highest quality, Macey & Moore gains a devoted following, shall we introduce you 200 GSM Genuine Heavy Weight Linen

Our Genuine Heavy Weight pure French linen is hard to find, our customised woven fabric with 200GSM is heavier than other mass-produced  linen fabric with 150-165GSM. Its rustic beauty has a charming home-spun character.

Macey & Moore is proud to be the only supplier to manufacture 200GSM heavy weight pure linen sheet in Australia and New Zealand market

Normandy, France and Belgium are considered the best climate for growing the linen flax plant. Macey & Moore pure French Linen is crafted from flax grown and harvested in Normandy.

Under “wet spinning” technique, with precise temperature and humidity control at our own weaving mills, linen fabric really comes to life from carefully processed linen yarn.

Why we don’t talk about thread count about linen?
The thread count is not an indication of quality for linen as the linen fibre has different character from cotton bols. A good linen fabric was born from the best origin of flax, precisely control in weaving mill and delicate stonewashed technique. 

Features & benefits of linen
Highly breathable & high moisture absorbency
Linen is 30% stronger than cotton
Environmentally friendly- less water and chemicals to cultivate

Size Chart
Kindly note our linen collections are made from Australia & New Zealand bedding size, customers out of these regions are welcome to double check if those sizes suit their needs. 
All our fitting sheets have high wall of 50cm

Queen Size   1x Fitting Sheet
Fitted Sheet: 152cm X 203cm X 50cm 
King Sheet Set  1 Fitting Sheet
Fitted Sheet : 180cm X 203cm X 50Cm 

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