Hampton Style Luxe Velvet Bedspread Set - Ice Blue Single, Queen and King Size

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Luxe Velvet Bedspread Set - Ice Blue Single , Queen and King Size

Switching to the Hampton look of your bedroom doesn't have to involve a complete revamp when you have the Hampton Luxe Velvet Ice Blue bedspread set from Macey & Moore. This design lets you easily change the feel of your space, the costal lifestyle stands out with its large, tidal pattern quilted on a luxe velvet, and brings a coordinating décor with a simple ice blue colour scheme.

Order this Luxe Velvet charcoal bedspread set from our store. Shop now to view our collection of bedspreads and French linen bedding.


Front : Italian Velvet;

Filling: Cotton Polyester;

Back: 100% Cotton


Single Size: 200cm x 250cm + 1 Standard Pillowcase

Queen Size: 260cm x 275cm + 2 Standard Pillowcases

King Size: 285cm x 275cm + 2 Standard Pillowcases

Round Cushion (Filled) : 1 x 40cm x40cm

Rectangular Cushion (Filled) : 1 x 30cm x 60cm

European Pillowcase Pair : 2 x 65cm x 65cm

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