Top 10 Essential Bedroom Furniture

Top 10 Essential Bedroom Furniture

Peoples days usually for those lucky enough begins and conclude their in their bedrooms, so keeping your bedroom clean and organised is important to ensure you feel renewed every time you wake up. The right pieces of furniture will help you transform a rather dull bedroom into a classy private hideaway / sleep-away!

However, with the countless furniture options before you, trying to achieve a perfect look can be overwhelming. However, with careful research, you can bring together the elements you want to create an appealing space.

Whether it’s for the master or guest bedroom, there are a handful pieces that shouldn’t be missed to give your space a sense of comfort and completeness. Here are 10 of them:

1. Bed Frame

Beds often take up the most room and a bed frame not only adds support to the mattress but also makes room for additional storage underneath. Since beds come in a number of standard sizes -- single, twin, queen and king – you should take into account how much space it will take to ensure that everything is proportionate. There are also a variety of makes available to match any style and budget.

2. Mattress

A high-quality mattress is a long term investment that pays off overtime. When shopping for mattress, consider things such as mattress size, materials and support before making the final purchase.

Materials and Support Options

Mattresses come in a variety of inner workings and support options including:

Innerspring – this make up the large share of the mattress, consisting of a steel coil backing system with one or more types of foam for both comfort and support.

Memory Foam – while memory foams do not use coils, it still provides the best comfort and support by moulding itself to the shape of your body.

Latex – an option that is becoming more popular recently, this mattress is made up of a latex foam core which can either be synthetic or natural.

3. Wardrobe

Everyone needs a space to store their clothes and a wardrobe helps keep your wears organised. A wardrobe can either be a dresser which is usually wider than it is tall, and a chest drawer which is vertical and consists of a single column of stacked drawers. Either of the two, a wardrobe pulls everything together in a bedroom by also serving as storage for items that can clutter your space.

4. Shelves

Aside from wardrobe, a shelf provides additional space to store your bedroom essentials including pillows,coverlets and bedspreads among others. There are several stylish and functional designs to choose from, but a wall-mounted shelf is a better space-saving option which allows you to display your books, artworks and other trinkets you love. It also adds a bit of personality to your bedroom.

5. Bedside Table

A bedside table or a nightstand holds items that might be useful for the night such as a lamp, alarm clock, reading material or medicines. Ideally, there should be a nightstand on both sides of the bed for a balanced appearance. However, single sleepers can already do with only one.

6. Bedside Lamp

For bedrooms, it’s always important to have a warmer lighting option -- and a bedside lamp is a perfect choice. Its soft glow is key to creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in the bedroom. It also provides a dim light which saves you from turning on the ceiling lights in case you want to reach for something in the middle of the night.

7. Chair

Studies suggest that a bed is the worst place to be productive. For this reason, it’s important to have a chair in your bedroom where you can get some work done before tucking in at night. It’s particularly essential for people who work from home.

8. Dressing Table

A dressing table is a great addition to add a touch of class to your bedroom. Most vanities often come with a mirror and drawers where you can keep and organize items for grooming and personal care. Additionally, there’s usually a room underneath for a stool. A vanity can also serve as a work desk however, it can only work well for rooms that have enough space.

9. Wall Art

A wall art is a finishing element that creates a sense of balance in your bedroom. When choosing an artwork, you should consider its size at the most. However, you should also take into account how well it will blend in to the palette of your interior.

10. Planters

Indoor plants do more than just brightening your bedroom. They also offer ample health benefits including boosting your mood, enhancing creativity and reducing stress levels among many others. A chic planter or two is a great way to show off your plants and there’s a lot of makes online to get inspiration from.

You don’t necessarily need to have every furniture pieces there is for your bedroom, with the right set of accessories, you are guaranteed to enjoy the benefits of having a space that is not only liveable but is also stylish and functional at the same time. It’s a great investment that will greatly pay off in the long run.

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